Monday, September 29, 2008

Technical Difficulties?

One of the reasons why we chose to use the Open Journals Interface (OJS) to publish the OSBR was the reading tools it provides to users who are logged in. These tools appear in the right frame of every article, and allow readers to view the article abstract, author's biography, and indexing metadata as well as notify a colleague, email the author, and add a comment.

We've received feedback that some readers are unable to access some of these tools and are trying to pinpoint the cause so that we can add a "technical hints" link to the website. If you are unable to access a tool and have double-checked that you are indeed logged in, leave a comment or send an email which indicates:

  • your browser type and version

  • your operating system version

We suspect that it may be a security setting in some browsers, so if you change a setting (most likely java/javascript related) and functionality changes, please let us know.

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