Wednesday, November 26, 2008

OER Research

The Hewlett Foundation has partnered with IssueLab to create a comprehensive OER document repository named OER Research. Their FAQ describes the criteria and process for uploading OERs.

Several articles within the OSBR discuss OER:

Open Educational Resources introduces open content and open educational resources (OER), then compares OER and open source software, and finally discusses issues of OER project sustainability.

Conference Report: Open Education 2007 provides an overview of OER sustainability, localization, technological, legal and interoperability issues.

Why Give Knowledge Away for Free? The Case for Open Educational Resources discusses the reasons why more institutions and individuals are sharing digital learning resources openly and without cost, as open educational resources.

A Flat Network for the Unflat World: Open Educational Resources in Developing Countries explores OER's potential to expand access to education in developing countries.

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