Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Upcoming Events (Ottawa)

These events didn't make the publication deadline for the November issue:

November 25

2008 Social Innovation Challenge

Ottawa, ON

Those attending will have the opportunity to vote for the top ideas from the following six finalists:

* Forming a Community Institute in the Mayfair Theatre Building
* Helping Ottawa's Street Youth to Redefine Themselves
* Ottawa Blue Book Search Engine Tool
* Royal Ritchie Drummers (a music initiative for youth at risk)
* Transit Library Kiosk in Ottawa
* YUP - The Youthful Useful Program

Please RSVP by November 17th


December 1


Ottawa, ON

At a DemoCamp you can show off your software or hardware and get feedback from an informed audience. A DemoCamp is a small unconference-style event. The demos listed so far are:

*Dex - a business relationship management tool for professionals & small businesses
*ChoiceBot for e-Retailers v2.0 - decision-assisting tool for shopping sites that allows shoppers to figure out which TV, car, washing machine, etc. to buy in under 2 minutes.

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