Friday, January 30, 2009

Upcoming February Issue

The February issue is undergoing the final formatting stage with plans to publish early next week. The theme this month is "Commercialization" and the authors include:

Tony Bailetti from Carleton University provides a conceptual tool to measure the strength of a business model and shows how open source can strengthen a company’s business model.

Peter Carbone, an ICT executive that specializes in ICT strategy and commercialization, highlights the relevance of new business models and ecosystems in the knowledge-era economy.

David A. Wheeler, a software developer and technical author, argues that there are two types of commercial software: proprietary software and F/LOSS.

Jennifer Bell introduces and describes why open government data is not only a requirement for greater government transparency, but also a valuable investment in our country’s infrastructure.

Mike Kavis answers the question "Do you have any suggestions for how an individual or small business can give back to an open source community?".

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