Saturday, June 27, 2009

Upcoming July Issue

Here's a sneak peek of the upcoming July issue on Collaboration:

Evan Andrews from Sylvatica discusses open analysis methods, software, and data that can be used to help companies, the economy, and society become greener, faster.

Joseph Wilson from the Treehouse Group provides examples of how successful adaptation to market conditions comes from collaboration with people across traditionally demarcated fields of study.

Norm Friesen from Thompson Rivers University describes recent developments in the adaptation of open source and open content to educational practices and technologies.

Chris Tyler from Seneca College outline's Seneca's approach to sustainably involving students in open source communities that has proven successful in a course setting.

Andy Adler from Carleton University, John C. Nash from the University of Ottawa, and Sylvie Noël from the Communications Research Centre of Canada introduce TellTable, an open source system designed to allow single-user software applications to be managed in a collaborative manner.

Peter Deitz and Christine Egger from Social Actions describe how this organization applies open source principles to the its products and processes.

Stephen Huddart from the McConnell Foundation and Anil Patel of the Framework Foundation propose the concept of Applied Collaboration Studios to engender a quantum shift in the social sector’s efficiency, reach, and impact through the combined use of open source technologies, social process tools and collaboration platforms.

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