Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Open Source Business Intelligence (BI)

The September issue of the OSBR is now available in PDF and HTML formats. The editorial theme this month is Business Intelligence and the authors include:

John Kemp, a Principal Consultant, and Benjamin Dietz, a BI Consultant, provide a primer on BI, introducing the terms and concepts used throughout the issue.

David Currie, founder of Clearview Informatics, examines the keys to success that allow an organization to extract maximum value from an investment in BI software.

John Kemp takes a look at how buying patterns have changed and what it means for businesses looking at open source BI software.

Steve Holub, a BI Consultant, reports on a recent survey of open source software tools used in BI and data warehousing systems.

Benjamin Dietz and Lily Singh of SQL Power Group compare the features of four popular open source reporting solutions.

Thierry Badard, CTO of Spatialytics, highlights the need for geospatial BI software and the integration of the spatial component in a BI software stack in order to consistently enable geo-analytical tools.

Tom Bondur, Content Development Manager in the Developer Communications group of Actuate Engineering, and Jason Weathersby, the BIRT Evangelist at Actuate Corporation, introduce BIRT and discuss why Actuate chose the open source development model and the benefits that this project brings to the BI user community.

Sam Selim answers the question "What will Oracle do with Sun's open source offerings?".

The editorial theme for the upcoming October issue is Arts & Media and the Guest Editor is Anthony Whitehead from Carleton University. Submissions for this issue are due by September 20--contact the Editor if you are interested in a submission.

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