Thursday, October 1, 2009

Arts & Media

The October issue of the OSBR is now available in PDF and HTML formats. The editorial theme this month is Arts & Media and the authors include:

John Bell from the University of Maine New Media department describes how open source tools and philosophies can be adapted to facilitate other forms of distributed creative endeavours. He introduces two tools developed by the Still Water Lab, The Pool and the Variable Media Questionnaire, and describes how several of the ideas used in software development have influenced Still Water's approach to making tools that support artistic production.

Karen Opas-Lanouette, editor for Ucreate Media, discusses the historic genesis of one company's development of a portal and platform system that enables creators and their fans to work collaboratively between different mediums. Her examination includes how the company met the challenges that arose and which are common to many startups.

Anthony Whitehead, Director of the Carleton University School of Information Technology, examines how open source tools and content can be used throughout the entire process of film creation. He describes many of the tools which are available for every step in the production pipeline.

Aaran Duncan, owner of Digital Deceptions, and Glenn McKnight, owner of Global Catalysts Consulting Service, explore the increasingly intersecting worlds of Social Media, mobile, and open source. They describe how Social Media has the potential to change the way communities use and create open source.

As always, we encourage readers to share articles of interest with their colleagues, and to provide their comments either online or directly to the authors. We hope you enjoy this issue of the OSBR.

The editorial theme for the upcoming November issue of the OSBR is Co-Creation and the guest editor will be Stoyan Tanev from the University of Southern Denmark. Submissions are due by October 20--contact the Editor if you are interested in a submission.

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