Friday, October 1, 2010

Sales Strategy

The October issue of the OSBR is now available in PDF and HTML formats. The editorial theme this month is "Sales Strategy" and the authors include:

Matthew Aslett from The 451 Group and Stephen Walli from the CodePlex Foundation demonstrate the pitfalls of attempting to convert open source community members into customers.

Stephen Davies, entrepreneur and lecturer at the Sprott School of Business, describes the steps to create a business-tobusiness sales process and how these steps are used to build a sales funnel.

Jason Côté and Julian Egelstaff from Freeform Solutions describe how pro bono work can be part of an effective sales strategy through contributions to the open source projects upon which the company and its clients depend.

Patrick O'Halloran from Xilinx Inc. reviews literature on service-based solutions to show that an effective sales strategy comes from a rounded analysis of both the customers' needs and the opportunity potential for the service provider.

The editorial theme for the upcoming November issue of the OSBR is Economic Development and the guest editor will be Saad Bashir from the City of Ottawa. Submissions will be accepted up to October 15th. December's theme is Humanitarian Open Source and submissions are due by November 1st. Please contact the Editor if you are interested in making a submission.

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