Monday, November 1, 2010

Economic Development

The November issue of the OSBR is now available in PDF and HTML formats. The editorial theme for this issue of the OSBR is Economic Development and the Guest Editor is Saad Bashir, Manager of the Economic Development Branch at City of Ottawa. The authors include:
Robert Poole, entrepreneur and business intelligence consultant, describes the creation of a new economic development platform for regional governments and related stakeholders.
George Brown, President of the Ottawa Community Loan Fund, describes the importance of microcredit for small businesses and illustrates how it acts as a stimulant for economic development.
Bob Yates, Senior Partner at Yates, Thorn & Associates, examines the costs and benefits of major event hosting on economic development, including the decision-making processes and long-term strategies.
Sonia Riahi, Manager at Ottawa Innovation Challenge, reviews the diversity of Ottawa's youth entrepreneurship programs to illustrate their benefits to economic development.
Ian Graham, Founder of TheCodeFactory business incubator, proposes a stakeholder-based model of business incubation to meet the challenges of a knowledge-based economy.
David J. French, intellectual property attorney and CEO of Second Counsel Services, explains why intellectual property will not save the economy and encourages businesses to focus instead on innovating to deliver value and meet the needs of their customers.
The editorial theme for the upcoming December issue of the OSBR is Humanitarian Open Source and the guest editor will be Leslie Hawthorn, Open Source Outreach Manager at Oregon State University Open Source Lab. Submissions will be accepted up to November 15th. January's theme is The Business of Open Source and submissions are due by December 1st. Please contact the Editor if you are interested in making a submission.

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