Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recent Research

The February issue of the OSBR is now available in PDF and HTML formats. The editorial theme for this issue is Recent Research. This issue features the following articles:
Carlo Daffara, head of research at Conecta, describes the factors to consider when selecting a license to suit both business objectives and licensing constraints.
Monique Bardawil from Carleton University's Technology Innovation Management program outlines her recent research to identify key players in the mashup ecosystem, where businesses must develop appropriate strategies based on an accurate understanding of the structure of the ecosytem and the role of its key players.
Amanda Shiga, CMS Practice Lead at non~linear creations, presents her research into the competitive actions taken by API providers in the mashup ecosystem.
Islam Balbaa, Technical Business Analyst at Kinaxis, describes his recent research into the fit between software-as-a-service products and the requirements of particular business units.
Chulaka Ailapperuma, Senthilkumar Mukunda, and Shruti Satsangi from Carleton University's Technology Innovation Management program illustrate how social network analysis can be used to study online communities, including free/libre open source software developer teams.
The editorial theme for the upcoming March issue is Co-creation. We have invited authors from the Research Forum to Understand Business in Knowledge Society to contribute to this special issue. The Guest Editors will be Stoyan Tanev from the University of Southern Denmark and Marko Seppä from the University of Jyväskylä.
For subsequent issues, we welcome general submissions on the topic of open source business or the growth of early-stage technology companies. Please contact the Editor, Chris McPhee, if you are interested in making a submission.

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