Thursday, April 7, 2011


The April issue of the OSBR is now available in PDF and HTML formats. The editorial theme for this issue is Collectives and the Guest Editor is Professor Tony Bailetti from Carleton University.  This issue features the following articles:

James Makienko and Antonio Misaka from Carleton University provide an update on the Keystone Off-The-Shelf (KOTS) platform, which is designed to support collectives that enable small innovative companies to grow their revenue.

Tony Bailetti and Ludovico Prattico from Carleton University describe the first application of the KOTS platform, which is the Carleton Entrepreneurs program. This program helps graduate and senior undergraduate students transform their ideas into compelling opportunities and successful businesses.

Michael Ayukawa, Founder of CornerPortal, answers the question: “What is a good deal?” by reviewing the literature on deals and deal-making processes relating to business collectives. His answer to this question was used to define the business rules embodied in a component of the KOTS platform.

David Péloquin, Jean Kunz, and Nicola Gaye from the Policy Research Initiative provide an approach to risk management that can be generalized to any situation where social actors respond to and manage risks in a multi-player environment. This “social management of risk” approach focuses on the involvement of potential actors in pursuing societal objectives in relation to risk.

Michael Weiss from Carleton University discusses a model for company-led open source projects around two dimensions: the level of control over the project and the diversity of applications derived from the project. The article reflects a recent trend towards collectives of companies that develop shared assets in the form of open source projects.

The editorial theme for the upcoming May issue is Women Entrepreneurs and the deadline for submissions is April 15th. For subsequent issues, we welcome general submissions on the topic of open source business or the growth of early-stage technology companies. Please contact the Editor, Chris McPhee, if you are interested in making a submission.

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