Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Announcing the August Issue and Upcoming Changes to the OSBR

The August issue of the OSBR is now available in PDF and HTML formats.
For this issue of the OSBR, we issued a general invitation to authors to submit articles on the topics of open source business and the growth of early-stage technology companies.
Anthony Casson and Leslie Hawthorn from the Oregon State University describe the Open Source Lab, which is home to many of the world's leading open source projects. They describe the benefits the lab provides to the projects it supports and the real-word experiences and educational opportunities it provides to its student employees.
Tyler Mitchell, Executive Director of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo), examines social interoperability as a parallel capability to technical interoperability. Using OSGeo as a case study, he highlights the importance of effective communication and relationships in enabling innovation within open source projects.
Sandro Groganz, Co-Founder of Age of Peers, shares insights into the structures and relationships of vendor-led open source ecosystems to highlight the business strategies available to partners.
Tony Wacheski, CEO of Anystone Technologies, shares the lessons he and his co-founder learned their first year as entrepreneurs. He describes the company's first applications and the valuable development, marketing, and sales experience they provided.
Chris McPhee, Editor-in-Chief of the Open Source Business Resource announces that this publication will become the Technology Innovation Management Review following this issue. He looks back on four years of the OSBR and describes the upcoming changes to this publication.
In September, we look forward to the first issue of the Technology Innovation Management Review. We welcome your feedback and invite you to submit articles on the topics of managing innovation, entrepreneurship, open source business, economic development, or the growth of early-stage technology companies. Please contact the Editor, Chris McPhee, if you are interested in submitting an article.

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