Friday, June 10, 2011

Call for Papers for August Issue

We believe there is great value in bringing multiple perspectives together to discuss a particular topic. This is why each issue of the OSBR has a theme. It gives both authors and readers the opportunity to collectively explore a topic in both depth and breadth.
However, a strict theme-for-every-month approach has a drawback. Although we often get suggestions for themes from readers and authors - and we welcome this wholeheartedly - we sometimes encounter the following problem: an author would like to write an article on a particular subject, but is quietly waiting for the right theme to come along.
This post is a call for papers for the August issue. At the moment, we have two articles planned. From Sandro Groganz, founder of Initmarketing, we have a very interesting article on the benefits of the community for partners of open source vendors. Also, I intend to write an article about the OSBR itself and some changes we are planning to improve the publication.
We would like your input on the August issue, primarily in the form of proposals for articles you wish to contribute. One option is to develop a theme of "Open Source Ecosystems". Another option is to use this issue as an opportunity to publish articles that are not tied to a particular theme - this would be like the "Potpourri" category in the TV quiz show Jeopardy. In any case, all articles should of course fit within the scope of the OSBR and be relevant to the subject of open source business or the growth of early-stage technology companies.
Let's discuss these options on twitter (@OSBR). You can also send me your article proposals by email. I also encourage you to extend this invitation to colleagues.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about writing an article. You may also wish to check the author guidelines. Note that the article deadline for the August issue is July 10th.
Chris McPhee
Editor-in-Chief, OSBR

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