Friday, September 5, 2008

Upcoming Themes and Guest Editors

The genesis for the OSBR came out of a question a student asked their Carleton University professor: "how do you make money from open source?". A short and simple question with a long and complex answer. The OSBR records the insights of researchers, company executives, project managers, and foundation members as they explore this answer within the container of an editorial theme.

Past themes (available here) include: support, licensing, business models, enterprise readiness, procurement, clean intellectual property, and interoperability. Starting with the August 2008 issue, we've introduced guest editors who bring their own network of author contacts, allowing us to increase our connections with those who can augment our understanding of the business of open source.

The lineup of upcoming themes and guest editors so far includes:

September 2008: Social Innovation, Tony Bailetti from Carleton University

October 2008: Building Community, Michael Weiss from Carleton University

November 2008: Health and Life Sciences, Leslie Hawthorn from Google's Open Source Programs Office

December 2008: Enabling Innovation, Steven Muegge from Carleton University

January 2009: Enterprise Participation, Don Smith from the Eclipse Foundation

February 2009: Commercialisation, Robert Withrow from Nortel

March 2009: Geospatial, Dave McIlhagga from the OSGEO Foundation

April 2009: Open APIs, Michael Weiss from Carleton University

If you would like to suggest an upcoming theme or act as a guest editor, contact the OSBR editor.

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