Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lots of Interest in Co-creation

One of the topics I often see discussed (and griped about) in open source circles is the relationship between companies and individual creators (e.g. developers). Do/should companies make profits from the sweat of an individual's effort? Can there be mutually beneficial relationships between companies and individuals? These types of questions fall under the category of "value co-creation", which was to be the editorial focus of the November issue of the OSBR.

I say "was" as we received so many submissions for this issue, we will be publishing them over November and December 2009. The lineup will be:


Co-creation: a New Way of Doing Business in an Age of Uncertainty, Anna Kirah

The Micro- and Macro-levels of Co-creation: How Transformations Change People’s Preferences, Tore Kristensen

How Companies use the Internet as a Co-creation Channel, Stephen Allen, Tony Bailetti & Stoyan Tanev

Viable Business Models for Corporate Co-creation Communities, Kim op den Kamp

Value Co-creation and New Marketing, Aron Darmody


Ways of Engaging Consumers in Co-production, Michael Etgar

A Framework for Value Co-creation in Design, Liz Sanders & George Simons

Coral CEA: An Example of Ecosystem Co-creation, Tony Bailetti

Value Co-creation as Part of an Integrative Vision of Innovation Management, Stoyan Tanev, Mette Kmudsen and Wolfgang Gerstlberger

Co-created Value During Innovation Development, Alex Pedrosa

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