Thursday, December 17, 2009

PhD Scholarship in Integrative Innovation Management

The Department of Industrial and Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Southern Denmark offers a Ph.D. Fellowship within the Integrative Innovation Management unit for appointment by March 1st 2010.

Integrative Innovation Management bridges two faculties: Social Sciences and Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark. It operates at the interface between marketing, management and engineering by doing cross-disciplinary research on how the different types of interactions between the actors engaged in value creation reshape innovation management practices.

We invite project proposals within the field of integrative innovation management. Especially, we encourage project descriptions from the perspective of engineering and technology development in association with the marketing and management aspects of innovation management. The group will consider project proposals within this broader perspective. One example of a project theme is the study of the interplay between technological infrastructures, value creation processes and business models enabling open innovation and value co-creation practices. The research unit welcomes applicants with background within engineering and combinations including marketing or management. Some professional experience within a technology driven business environment will be preferred but is not required.

As part of the PhD programme, an individual education programme within the field of engineering has to be completed. You will be expected to complete a six-month stay at a research institution abroad and, over the period of the programme, to acquire experience of teaching or other types of presentation. You are also expected to participate in the various activities within the research units and – apart from your stay abroad – to be routinely present at the unit.

These positions are anchored at the Department of Industrial and Civil Engineering in Odense and require enrolment in the PhD programme at the Faculty of Engineering. Engagement as a Ph.D. Research Fellow is for three years. Employment stops automatically at the end of the period. The holder of the Fellowship is not allowed to have other paid employment during the three-year period.

As part of the overall assessment of the applicant’s qualifications, an interview may be applied.

Further information can be obtained from the director of the research group Integrative Innovation Management: Professor Mette Præst Knudsen. Further information at I2M website.

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