Monday, July 5, 2010

Go To Market

The July issue of the OSBR is now available in PDF and HTML formats. The editorial theme this month is "Go to Market" and the authors include:

Corien Kershey, a partner in Marketing Magnitude, discusses the importance of market segmentation to early-stage companies.

Fred Holahan, Founder and President of Open Source Advisory, outlines a volume market strategy to help commercial open source companies bring their products and service to market.

Susan Riekki-Odle, Founder and President of ChannelGain, highlights the role of ecosystem analysis, economic modeling, and creative go-to-market development in creating successful partnership strategies.

Craig Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Products at SWIX, describes how open source, community-based software projects can improve product-market fit by integrating users into the development process.

Thomas Prowse, a partner in Gowlings' business law department, answers the question "what business models are currently used with open source software?"

The editorial theme for the upcoming August issue of the OSBR is "Interdisciplinary Lessons" and the guest editor will be Mekki MacAulay. Submissions are due by July 15--contact the Editor if you are interested in a submission.

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